MGT 130: Introduction to Business

Familiarizes students with the nature of business and its relationship to other institutions in society. The course examines business ownership, organization, management, marketing, human resources management, production, and finance. In addition, it explores issues in the relationships between law and business and government and business.


MGT 130 Syllabus

Researching Your Assignment in Introduction to Business

Journal Articles

Healey Library has a large number of databases of articles, some of which cover specific fields, while others are more general. You can see a list of all the databases at the library's Databases & Indexes page. If you are searching off campus, enter your last name and barcode to access the databases.

Highly Recommended databases for Management Courses


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Online Resources

Management Stories
The Daily Perk
BrainTechnologies Blog
The Truth about Success
Speech Writers Blog

Other General Resources

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