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Online Bachelor of Arts Degree Completion Program in Community Studies allows students the most flexible and convenient way to finish their degree. This 30-credit (ten courses) program offers returning students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree online.

Asgedet.Stefanos is the program director.

The Community Studies major is an academic field related to the study of human experiences in particular localities and of the broad forces affecting community development over time. It focuses on social institutions and their interrelationships, structural properties, factors that influence community identity, and the challenges of community change. This major is designed to increase students’ knowledge of a range of social groups — their histories, cultures, economic and political systems, and environmental concerns. Community Studies enables students to live and work effectively in communities, provide the knowledge and skills to strengthen civil society and influence larger social systems, in local, national and international settings. Upon graduation, students will have a broad and rich understanding about the human experience in communities, which is grounded in knowledge and methods drawn from the social sciences, humanities, applied sciences and interdisciplinary fields.

Ten of the eleven courses below:

CORCOM130 Media Literacy
CSTCOM220 Community Formation: Concepts of Community
CORCOM225 Community Portraits
CMTCOM220 Media and Community
CSTCOM300 Comparative Methods of Community Analysis
CORCOM300 Social Research
CORCOM310 Economic Distribution
CORCOM351 Debating Policy Issues
CORCOM353 Statistical Reasoning for a Diverse Society
CSTCOM340 Communities in a Global Context
CORCOM372 Critical Readings: Environmental Issues & Policies

To view course: george.hart and PW= GH email PW

Plan of Study


Fall Entrants

1st Yr Courses
2nd Yr Courses
3rd Yr Courses

Spring Entrants

1st Yr Courses
2nd Yr Courses
3rd Yr Courses

The current costs (as of 2009) for the program are as follows:
  • $345 new student fee
  • $900 per course
  • $150 commencement fee

If you are a new student to UMass Boston, you will need to file an undergraduate application form.

Basic Requirements Prior to Admission

  • Must have completed 90 or more credits.
  • Must have maintained a 2.5 or better GPA.
  • Transferable courses must be the equivalent of 3 or more semester hours and the grade must be a C- or higher.
  • We will consider all credits from community college, four year institutions, and CLEP.
  • We will consider credit in social sciences, humanities, natural and physical science and fine arts. We also accept interdisciplinary majors and concentration.

For further information with regards to the admissions process, please contact:Cheryl E. Monahan


  • Nurul Aman
  • Luis Aponte-Pares
  • Joan Arches
  • Caroline Coscia
  • Reebee Garofalo
  • Phillip Granberry
  • William Holmes
  • Fred Johnson
  • Robert Kelley
  • Asgedet Stefanos
  • Karen Straight
  • Michael E. Stone

Dr. Asgedet Stefanos
Director, Online BA Completion Program
College of Public and Community Service

Hi George,
I would have him look at Media Literacy and Concepts of Community. They are the first two courses that students take, and I think they will give him a good idea about the curriculum.
If you would like me to speak with him, I would be happy to do so.
Cheryl Monahan

Hi George,
Justin applied for the spring 2004 semester and was admitted, but because he didn’t attend he was withdrawn by the university. We only keep student files for 2 semesters and then they are shredded. Justin will need to submit a whole new application packet, official transcripts from all colleges, essay and 1 letter of recommendation. If he has less than 12 college credits we will need his high school transcript also.
Sorry, I wish I had better news.

Hi George Could you give us a call at 617-287-7175/7172 so that we can discus on how best we can help the student understand our Online program. We have a packet containing detailed information of the Online BA Degree Completion Program and we can as well have it send to him. Mike Mike RuguttAdministrative AssistantOnline BA Degree Completion Program

Application Requirements

  • If you are a new student to UMass Boston, you will need to file an undergraduate application form. If you are a current UMass Boston student who is seeking to transfer into the program, you will need to complete an inter-college transfer application form, and apply as an inter-college transfer to this program. These forms can be found at the University’s Advising Center located in the Campus Center, 1st floor.

  • When submitting your application, provide the following items:

    Official transcripts from all colleges and schools attended¹
    Two letters of recommendation
    A 200–word personal statement² (mailed as an attachment in word file)
    Resume³ (optional)
    Application Fee: $40 (in state), $60 (out of state & international)

¹ You are required to submit official copies of transcripts from all colleges and universities listed on your application. Because you have attended college and have more than 24 credits, you do not need to submit high school records.
² For personal statement, we are asking that you submit a brief biographical statement, telling us a little about your background, what you’re currently doing and what you hope to gain from this program.
³ You may include a resume, if you think it would be helpful, but it is not required.