Access to Other Libraries

Access to Other Libraries
I. On-Site Usage

° Most area libraries allow walk-in access to everyone. This allows UMB students to use books, periodicals, electronic resources on-site.

° If you want to go in person to an area library in order to use their resources on-site, save yourself time and start by searching other library catalogs to make sure another library has what you're looking for.

II. Borrowing Privileges

a) Online Book Borrowing

° Try Interlibrary Loan (ILL) The library's ILL staff work with a well-respected, wide-range, national network of libraries that loan books unavailable at Healey Library.

b) In-Person Book Borrowing

° Healey Library is a member of three library consortia (library networks.) The Boston Library Consortium (BLC), The Fenway Library Consortium, and the McCLPHEI consortium.

° All three offer borrowing privileges to UMB students with a valid UMB, library-barcoded ID card.
° Only the BLC requires UMB students obtain a special library card to borrow books.

  • UMB students using any consortia libraries are subject to the same regulations and restrictions that apply to students who attend that institution.

Are you a Massachusetts resident and/or a student attending school in MA?

° Then you can borrow books from the Boston Public Library
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